About Us

Who We Are

Broken Connections, Inc. (BCI) is a tax exempt, community-based, not-for-profit organization located in East Cleveland, Ohio. Established in April 1996 BCI is a twelve bed residential facility that provides emergency housing and supportive services for runaway, homeless and street youth between the ages of 10-17.

BCI is the only not for profit organization that provides assistance for runaway and homeless youth in the City of East Cleveland.  

BCI focuses on preventing runaway episodes, reuniting families through counseling intervention, providing on-going services to maintain stability in the family system, and providing 60 days of aftercare services once a youth has successfully completed the program.

There are several places that will offer handouts such as meals and clothing with no questions asked and no strings attached. However, BCI encourage and assist youth using innovative programs and support as they move toward family reunification and independent living.

Broken Connections recognizes that it takes more to teach a person to fish than to just give them a fish. It takes patience, persistence and support. That is why 43% of our current staff are individuals who have either been homeless or on the brink of becoming homeless. We strive not only to make a difference, but to also make a positive impact on each individual we are blessed to serve, to enrich the community in which we live and to influence the conscience of our community on social injustices for the homeless.

Respect and empathy are as important in rebuilding lives as food, shelter and supportive service. Dedicated staff and volunteers empower youth with the skills and motivation they need to change. Broken Connections does all in its power to educate the community on homeless issues, and advocate for change to improve situations for youth suffering the indignity of homelessness. The goal is to one day eradicate the conditions of homelessness from society. Won’t you join us?

Board of Directors


Matthew Beck, President

Barbara J. Thomas, Vice President

Judge A. Dean Buchanan, Treasurer

Steven I. Helfgott, Secretary

Board Members

George Phillips

Marlene Ridenour 

Advisory Board

Donald See, PhD

Executive Director

Nicole E. Howell