Welcome to Broken Connections, Inc.

“A Place Where Families Can Be Re-Connected”

Broken Connections is a community based, non-profit organization providing shelter, food, clothing, and supportive services to needy individuals and families. We strive to promote the continuous building and strengthening of the community by enabling individuals to reclaim and maintain control over their lives.

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Our Programs

One of the unique characteristics of Broken Connections is the wide range of housing and social services we offer, both through our own programs and in partnership with other organizations.

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Comprehensive Support

Broken Connections, Inc. (BCI) not only provides services to runaway and homeless youth, but to the entire family.  We also address runaway and homeless prevention.  Our basic goal is family reunification.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way for you to help us continue to provide homeless children, families and individuals with the services they need to regain self-sufficiency and maintain their independence.

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